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SAO Olethros WIP
SAO Display name : Olethros
Epitaph: The blade of righteousness , The Brave Defender, The Duelist  
Real Name: Takeo Isamu
Gender: Male
Age: 16 joining SAO ,18 at completion and Fairy Dance.,19 Phantom Bullet  
Appearance: Picture is fine but I'd like a description.
Character Armor Appearance:
Bio:High school student from Tokyo, His older sister died from cancer in her brain. He deviled into the world of VRMMORPGs to escape reality and to hide from his family.    
Unique skill: Tadashī michi ( path of righteousness ) This skill allows the user to Purfectly counter attacks and improve reaction time by showing the Arcs of attacks. (Similarly to the system in GGO )
Skills: 8149 ~ 8309 10 slots
(Here the list of skills )
Remember that each skills Max is 1000. once their its mastered.
One handed sword- 1000 (Mastered)
Heavy Metal Equipment -1000 (Mastered)
Equipment Appraisal-209
Perception  (Detect and Searching)  
:icongraychi:graychi 1 0
trainercard-Graychi by graychi trainercard-Graychi :icongraychi:graychi 2 14
AF Application: Knox Harker
Name:  Knox Harker
Nickname(s): None
Age: 17
Gender:  male
Rank: Member
Division: Giallo
Anima: Golden
Height: 6ft
Weight: 164
Skin Color: pale white
Eyes: Gold, or sometimes amber.
Hair: Shoulder length White hair with golden tips.
Other Physical Features: Knox possesses a slender and muscular body. Knox has scars up and down his arms as if he’s used them to shield himself often. Marring his torso and chest an abundance of scars can be seen, from burn marks to stab wounds. He has a scar running across the bottom of his left jawline that is very pronounced, but could be looked past due to its placement.
Clothing Style: Knox wears very simple clothing which usually tend to be black, mostly you’ll see him in black jeans and a long sleeve black shirt. He has a golden ring on the pinkie finger of his left hand.
Body Language and Mannerisms: Knox had a very relaxed posture and was always one to smile. Now he is very closed off and you never see him f
:iconmelo00:Melo00 2 27
Armies of the Fallen: Raffia Departure by MartinKlekner Armies of the Fallen: Raffia Departure :iconmartinklekner:MartinKlekner 1,105 72 Chameleon Infiltrator by Eedenartwork Chameleon Infiltrator :iconeedenartwork:Eedenartwork 2,255 58 The Angel Mech by GeorgeLovesyArt The Angel Mech :icongeorgelovesyart:GeorgeLovesyArt 1,240 47 Warside battle art by AKIRAwrong Warside battle art :iconakirawrong:AKIRAwrong 331 10 Last Breath by mzrkart Last Breath :iconmzrkart:mzrkart 279 17 Killer by mzrkart Killer :iconmzrkart:mzrkart 116 9 Hero by mzrkart Hero :iconmzrkart:mzrkart 240 10 Azazel by mzrkart Azazel :iconmzrkart:mzrkart 199 15 Last Battle by mzrkart Last Battle :iconmzrkart:mzrkart 1,521 87 Sniper Drone by Nero-tbs Sniper Drone :iconnero-tbs:Nero-tbs 308 12 Mecha Dude 13 by Nero-tbs Mecha Dude 13 :iconnero-tbs:Nero-tbs 234 11 Heavy by Adrian-W Heavy :iconadrian-w:Adrian-W 2,076 41 Dirty Bot by Okmer Dirty Bot :iconokmer:Okmer 353 17


I was there at your birth and before. I wrote of your birth and it happened. Each letter a made became your name. As my writing went on I wrote of your life then you lived it. And when I wrote of your death you died when I brought you to me you asked my name. I replied that I had none for no one was there to write in the book before I and no one will come after when I close it because when I close this book all will have perished and the last thing written will be of me in my emptiness and sorrow and when I recover from the loss of my world I will open a new book and create another.


United States


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