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Name: Lothar von Richthofen

Nickname(s): Luftwaffe, Lo (he only lets very close friends or family call him Lo)

Age: 22.

Gender: Male

Rank: Member.

Division: Viola

Anima: Electric purple


Height: 5’8

Weight: 170 lbs

Skin Color: Pale,

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blond.

Other Physical Features: hands have electrical burns

Clothing Style: Brown Aviator jacket, Jeans, long sleeve black shirt he has a purple armband and welding goggles on his head.

Body Language and Mannerisms: He has a more withdrawn mannerism while he is alone but can mask this with a charismatic attitude and atmosphere close friends can tell by his body language when such actions are draining to him but he is able to hide it decently.
Skill Ratings (26)

Strength: 4
Speed: 3
Durability: 2
Intelligence: 8
Anima: 9

Reasoning: he is a very logically oriented person.  He once had a more positive outlook on things but since his accident he has entered into a more negative outlook. He can be considered as a more self-centered personality.


Likes: Food, Beer, Engineering, History, Pain medication. Celestina(He finds her barbarism and ignorance funny.)

Dislikes: Pain, Racists, Pretend food, Hot Climates, Pop music

Fears: Dementophobia, Algophobia, Asthenophobia

Personality:  finding the company of people to be physically draining Lothar rarely interacts with others and as a result he is highly introverted and tends to keep to himself. However growing up in high society has given him knowledge of how to play to a crowd and how to sway others and he can be charming when he needs to be. While once a brilliant man with a head for engineering and social climbing Lothar has become a shadow of his former self as a result of his accident and the chronic pain he suffers as a result.


Mother: Adrenilda Richthofen Deceased

Father: Godfrey Richthofen

Sibling(s): none

Birthday: October/30

Ethnicity: German

History: Born in Berlin Germany. He is an intelligent young man. His family lived a high society life with his mother being born to money and his dad being a business man he had no wants as a child other than his knowledge to learn. He went through advanced programs in school and got a degree in electrical engineering.  He worked at a power plant for a while until an accident sent him to the hospital and awakened his anima.  He started going down a dark path in his learning and coping of his powers which caused him to grow distant from his family and caused him to miss his mother’s funeral when he was found by Abraham who offered him the chance of a better way.  He jumped at the chance to prove himself again and followed Abraham.


Trivia: Has a guardian it’s a Jötunn named Óðr
*He designed the system of the power plant where the accident occurred.
*Accident has had a very negative effect on his health both mentally and physically.
*Has a pilots license

Quote: “If your ignorance could be turned into electricity it could light up the whole world”
  • Mood: Noble
I was there at your birth and before. I wrote of your birth and it happened. Each letter a made became your name. As my writing went on I wrote of your life then you lived it. And when I wrote of your death you died when I brought you to me you asked my name. I replied that I had none for no one was there to write in the book before I and no one will come after when I close it because when I close this book all will have perished and the last thing written will be of me in my emptiness and sorrow and when I recover from the loss of my world I will open a new book and create another.


United States

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